Are You a Secure Leader? (Part II)

Part II: Letting go and Letting God. 


Those were the walls of pride that God had to break down in my life as he asked me to step up in a new level of leadership.

Developing Humbleness.

It's not mine.
I had to recognize that this ministry belongs to God. He simply allowed me to play a part as a leader in helping it grow. He did not need me, he simply allowed me to be a part of it.

I am not the best.
I had to recognize that God has gifted the members in my group with different ways of leading. As a leader I needed to tap into each potential leader's strengths and styles of leading. I needed to encourage and empower the next generation of leaders to NOT lead like GRACE LIU but lead in the way have have been gifted and called to lead. Being a secure leader means not only understanding your own strengths and style in leading, but helping the next generation of leaders understand and develop their own style of leadership.

A secure leader wants and will do everything in their power for their successor to do better than them. They would want their discipled leader to lead bigger groups, lead effectively and accomplish exponential growth beyond what they can achieve themselves. A secure leader has the mindset and heart attitude that acknowledges in whatever job, position, title that God allows him/her to be in; it is not about me.

The Change

Our young adults community will be multiplying this year. I have decided to step down and not lead any of the groups. Instead I will empower and support the new leaders as they initiate these new community groups. Although there have been much hesitation, some sadness and some fears that have been voiced out by some members, I feel this a step in the right direction for our community and for me as a leader. Letting go, and allowing God to do his work through this community in raising up leaders has been (and will continue to be) a challenge. However, I do believe that in order to be healthy and grow deeper in our faith we need to be sensitive towards God's leading. God is calling us to grow and not to stay comfortably where we are at. 

My pastor at church shared this quote with us:

 “Healthy things grow

Growing things change.

Change challenges us.

Challenge forces us to trust God.

Trust leads to obedience.

Obedience makes us healthy.

Healthy things grow…”

Let's choose to let go and let God direct us in the way we should go. 
A secure leader is about living a life of obedience and encouraging others to do the same.

Grace Liu, Jakarta City Director