Reflection from Sarah Chow - GCG 2016

Since the launch of the Jakarta cohort back in October 2016, eighteen cohort members have been equipped and trained to practically apply theology in the workplace through monthly teachings and one on one mentoring. Our cohort facilitator, Vince Tse, has also led monthly discussions after each teaching for deeper reflection to spark tangible applications. Mentors are kept in the loop of these teachings and are given questions to follow up with their mentees. This past April, Indonesians from both the Jakarta and Chicago cohorts came together for the first time at the Global Cohort Gathering (GCG). The GCG provided an avenue for cohort members to fellowship and network while learning from the generation ahead of them. Speakers shared openly about their successes as well as their failures, encouraging cohort members to consistently and vulnerably seek the Lord.

During the City Huddle session, they were given extended time to share and dream for the future of Indonesia. With rising political and religious tensions in Jakarta, it was an inspiring and hopeful time of seeking God's heart for the city. Cohort members identified two major issues: lack of integrity and complacency due to comfort. They discussed how greater integrity and accountability is needed in the marketplace to combat corruption. They also recognized how their own comforts and lifestyles often separate them from those outside of their socio-economic or religious background. Knowing that breaking these norms is not something they can do on their own, cohort members were encouraged to share their experiences from the GCG with their friends, family, and churches.

Since the GCG, Indonesian cohort members have returned to various places in South East Asia wanting to be agents of change and transformation:

“I envision a city where people of different color socio-economic backgrounds play together in the Monas park. Where our young receive good sound education and respectful leaders to aspire to. Where business and government are fully aware of its capacity to transform communities and lives. Where in unity we strive to beautify and care for the city by taking ownership at what goes on daily in the big and small things like the cleanliness of our public spaces. Where we can learn to embrace and accept each other’s differences and leverage that as our strengths as a nation where we as believers, the church, are proactively loving those in the city and are crying out together for their salvation.”

- Jakarta Cohort Member

In the coming months, we hope to continue to equip and support these cohort members to live out God’s mission and vision for Jakarta.

Sarah Chow Project Manager-Jakarta