Abraham Viktor Reflection - GCG 2016

Three weeks ago, I attended Resource Global's GCG 2017. It is possibly the most life-changing retreat that I've ever attended in my life. It truly transformed how I think about work and how it ought to be integrated with my belief. Work is a big part of my life, so to know the truth about it is truly liberating. I truly cherished every moment there; from the sessions brought by world-class speakers, the fellowship with my huddle group members, the conversation with the people, until my personal reflection time. I want to relive each and every moment of it. Since I came back to Indonesia, I haven't stopped talking about what I learned there. Here, I would like to thank few individuals that have made the memory a lasting one.

First of all, I would like to thank:

Tommy Lee and Sarah Chow for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this Resource Global cohort. Everything, since that first event in puncak until the GCG have been an incredible blessing to my life, I am forever grateful for the opportunity

Kara Sauder for picking me up in SFO airport at a late night until you feel asleep in the car, that was very-very nice of you

Noah Chung for withstanding the total of 3 hours trip to that pho restaurant at the edge of San Jose

Matt Harvey for teaching me about baseball!

Michael Liu for the meaningful conversation in the car ride to Tenderloin

Johannes Ardiant Harlie for the conversation in the room about love and compassion for the city

The best huddle group ever: Jimmy Mei, Jenny Chae, and Ketlien Manuel; for the most epic scavenger hunt! We know we were the true winner!

Jen Kamins and Donna Eicker Crum for the amazing trip (and amazing conversation) to Yosemite. I can't believe someone would drive a total of 9 hours for some friends they'd just met, you guys sacrificed so much for us; Julia, Johannes, and I don't deserve friends like you guys.

Being a part of this is a proof of God's generous grace upon my life.

Abraham Viktor

Jakarta Cohort Member