Jakarta Profile: Meet Julia

About Julia Julia is a young, Christian marketplace leader that we have the privilege of working with in Jakarta.  She grew up in Singapore and went to the University of Michigan to study design.  She then went to work for a design company in New York before returning home to work for the family business.  One might not expect such drive and maturity from a young woman in her mid-20s, but Julia’s character extends far beyond her genuine, sincere demeanor.  Read below to hear about this young leader’s heart to serve God in Jakarta.

Tell us about your role in your family's business. My family's business mainly operates in maritime chartering & shipyard business for the oil and gas industry; we repair, construct and charter tugs, barges and customized support vessels to help with the maintaining or production of offshore wells.  My role in the company is business development, operations management, and leadership development. My father has been guiding and yet at the same time, relinquishing more and more responsibilities to me with the hope that I will run the company one day.

How has God shaped your passion for service? The result of my encounter with the Lord freshman year at University of Michigan had given me a whole new heart and a set of new eyes to see this world - through His lens rather than mine.  One memory stands out in particular during my freshman year college summer while interning in Indonesia: It was a Saturday afternoon when my personal driver was chauffeuring me to a luxurious shopping mall and as usual, I was sitting in the back seat.  A street girl of not more than 5 years of age had stuck her face on my car window- she knocked, signaling with her little hands for money. A common sight and occurrence that I've had multitudes of growing up. But an 'unusual' question spoke softly in my heart, "What are you doing with your life to change her circumstances?"

For the first time in my 18 years of life, the new pair of eyes Christ had given me had made me realize what I had and how little many others had. The question was then, what am I now going to do about my life to serve the impoverished, the widowed and the orphans that He so loves. The memory has stuck with me throughout college, and in the process of understanding His calling, I've discovered that the first step is to know Christ's love for me. I invested heavily in growing and serving together with my community in Ann Arbor including going on several missional trips and challenged myself to take classes that would broaden my knowledge about people and poverty. Christ's unconditionally gracious and redemptive work in my life leaves me in utter humility and gratitude; it left me wanting to share the same freedom and love that I have first received to those who have yet to know and experience it for themselves.

How does your desire to serve God and others influence your work? I volunteer 30% of my time to helping a local nonprofit to establish what would be Indonesia's first floating hospital barge ever built. Despite not being a medically trained person or even an expert in maritime engineering, I am confident that God would surpass these limitations of mine and provide the wisdom and guidance to me in His way. The mission is to provide medical support and training to those living in our nation's peripherals and remote-island regions who have little or no access to healthcare.

Julia is tenaciously pursuing God's call for her in Indonesia.  She also has a heart to disciple and help other leaders learn to love God and develop a heart to follow Him.  Julia is the target group for Re:source Global. This is the strategic group we want to work with in different global cities.