Network News: ICON 2016 Recap

Update from Jakarta

At Resource Global, we’re growing a network of young professionals all around the world to cultivate their potential and impact their cities with the Gospel. With over 60% of our waking hours spent in the workplace, our work matters, and we’re committed to inspiring and equipping young professionals to see their work as a critical opportunity to serve God and impact others. Over 100 young professionals were inspired and equipped at the ICON Conference on Faith & Work on June 11th in Jakarta, Indonesia, and our first of many City Cohorts was launched.

What is a City Cohort?

A City Cohort is a nine-month in-depth mentorship program with key ministry and business leaders from around the world. They will be trained to study and teach Scripture, mentor others, identify how God has uniquely gifted them, and then apply these skills and passions for the good of their city. From this group, we hope to raise up local leaders who will impact the workplace and the city of Jakarta as the next business, nonprofit and government leaders.

Why Does It Matter?

The individuals that were at the conference are the future leaders of Jakarta. Many will take over billion-dollar family businesses, have launched their own businesses, or are poised to fill influential government positions. They are primed to be key decision makers, and to train them to follow Jesus in all of life - including work - has critical implications for the world.

Learn more about the ICON Conference and what’s next for Jakarta by reading the Jakarta June 2016 Report.

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