Four Horsemen of Financial Ruin - Revelation 6

By Pastor Oscar Muriu

Chapter six of Revelations talks about Paul’s vision of the apocalypse. In this vision, God judges the world by opening seven seals of humanity judgement. The first four seals are horsemen that God releases on the world in order to bring death and destruction. This led me to consider if there are horsemen that bring financial ruin upon us. Right away four came to mind: hustler, enslaver, desolator, and devourer.

Horseman Called Hustler

A hustler is someone who is barely making it. He is scrounging around, and hustling back and forth. Life is hard for the hustler, he lives hand to mouth and has no financial security. He is very hardworking and busy, but has little to show for it. A hustler may have wishes, but no vision. There is a difference between a vision and a wish. A wish does nothing but dream. A vision on the other hand does three things:

  1. Develops an action plan

  2. Defines a deadline

  3. Exercises discipline

Remember that a road to financial hell is paved with good intentions but no concrete plan.

If you believe you are a hustler, then you will be stuck a hustler the rest of your life. Without a financial vision of your future, you will perish. You need a clear goal of what you want; wealth begins in the mind.

I want to share these plans with you to help save you from the fate of a financial hell:

  1. Financial goals

  2. Pray

  3. Have a spending plan

  4. Benevolence, or tithe, plan

  5. Emergency plan

  6. Investment plan

  7. Insurance plan

  8. Retirement plan.

Horseman called Enslaver

The Enslaver brings financial ruin by driving you into debt. He comes with three sets of chains:

  1. Credit card debt

  2. Consumer debt

  3. Golden handcuff debt

Let me go into a little more detail on the golden handcuff debt. This chain is referring to those of you that ‘sell your soul’ to your employer. They pay all your fees and you are unable to break free.

Debt can be addictive because it encourages instant gratification. But beware! Debt will rob you of your credibility and can destroy your relationships. The best way you can manage your debt is to avoid it all together and live a debt free life.

What do you do when you are in debt?

  1. When you are in a hole, stop digging. You need to cut up all your credit cards and atm cards. The temptation is not safe, this will help you to stop spending.

  2. Start living strictly by your spending plan.

  3. Sell off some of your stuff.

  4. Make a debt repayment plan.

  5. Make your payments automatic.

  6. Invest in your debt.

  7. Focus on one goal at a time.

Jesus said that no one can serve two masters. Therefore you cannot serve God while you serve money. As long as you have debt, you are a slave to money. Remember, the borrower is the slave of the lender.

Horseman Called Desolation

The horseman of desolation attacks you in two ways:

  1. It attacks you through emergencies and crises, and keeps you from being able to create wealth.

  2. It encourages you to eat up everything you have so that you have nothing to invest.

It is important to keep a separate fund that is kept in an easily liquidable form so it can be accessed immediately in case of emergency. This is known as your emergency fund, which is different from an investment fund. How much you set aside in this account depends on you, however much makes you feel safe. I recommend taking precautions so that you do not use up your emergency fund. You could set up a joint account with your spouse so that the two of you need to be present to withdraw. Another option is to open a group account. A group account is nice because you need signatures of all group members before money can be withdrawn.

There is no fast way to become rich. So prepare, don’t panic. Remember that time is your friend, and follow my four rules of investment.

The first step is to clear all debt. Set up an emergency fund, and then an investment fund. Follow by investing your seed in business, shares, etc.

Be careful not to become greedy. Greed is when your desire for more is unchecked and it feeds off your imagination, becoming an obsession. Rather, contentment is key. Contentment is when you know how much is enough.

Horseman Called Devourer

The fourth and final horseman is the devourer. The name of this horseman can actually be found in the Bible, in books such as: Malachi, Deuteronomy, and Haggai. This horseman consumes your wealth. The devourer strikes when you steal God’s tithe.

Why do we tithe?

  1. Tithing is an act of worship.

  2. It is a sign of how much we love God.

  3. It is a sign that we trust God more than we trust money.

  4. Tithing shows who our real master is.

  5. It is an antidote against greed.

  6. It is how God calls us to participate in His eternal work.

  7. Tithing shows our real character

  8. When we tithe, we say, God, I am trustworthy with little. So you can trust me with much. (Luke 16:10)

  9. God has commanded us to give

  10. God knows we are afraid and has called us to trust Him.

Now, not every trial that comes your way is the devourer. God will send trials our way because they refine and grow us. Satan will also send trials as a means of attack. So, if you are unsure that it is the devourer, ask the following questions:

  1. Have I been faithful to the Lord, and in my vows and commitments?

  2. If it’s not that and I have been faithful. Is this the attack of the evil one and I need to bind the spirit of the evil one and command the name of Jesus over him and engage in spiritual warfare?

After you have asked these questions, you may say, Lord, if is it you trying to get my attention, I just want to open up my heart so that you can speak to me.

Do you think the devourer is on your case? It’s actually not difficult to answer that question. If you’ve been stealing God’s tithe, then right now the Holy Spirit is convicting you. Then yes, the devourer is on your case.

Live your life without the financial ruin brought upon by the four horsemen: the hustler, the enslaver, the desolator, and the devourer.

Pastor Oscar Muriu has been the Senior Pastor at Nairobi Chapel since 1991. Nairobi Chapel has over 3,000 people and 26 church plants across the world. He holds a B.Sc. (Zoology) from the University of Delhi in India, and an M. Div. from the Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (NEGST). Pastor Oscar and his wife Bea have four daughters; Chiru, Chiku, Wanja and Janelle.