Chicago: the Launching Pad

August 2018 ends the second group of our Chicago Cohort. Though we had a smaller amount compared to the first year, the intimacy and relationships that was built within us was unique and powerful. We had leaders who were in healthcare, writing, tech training, consulting, and marketing. Some were born and raised right here in Chicago, while others were born in different states or even different countries. Yet all of them gathered together because they wanted a deeper understanding of what it meant to live out the gospel in the fullness of their work, their family, and in their communities.

The beauty of Resource Global is that we have an opportunity to influence diverse young leaders who are impacting their workplaces and communities in Chicago and even outside of it. What’s so unique about Chicago and the leaders we have here is that many of them end up leaving Chicago and going to other global cities for work, family, and mission. For example, almost half of our first Chicago Cohort are now in cities like San Francisco, Denver, Singapore, and more. They are taking upon new degrees, new jobs, new churches, new communities, and some, even new relationships. Unlike our Jakarta cohort that usually has many who stick it out in Jakarta because of family and work, our Chicago Cohort is able to serve as a launching pad to send out leaders in other places so they can not only impact one city, but multiple cities. Though it makes it hard to have an alumni gathering the following year, it’s been a blessing to see our cohort members take their passions to new places that will allow their gospel impact to be even greater than in Chicago. It makes me reflect upon the reality that Jesus called the disciples to not stay in Jerusalem, but to go beyond: to Judea, to Samaria, and to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8). Our hope is that our Chicago Cohort past, present, and future will be the same. That while in Chicago they can learn, grow, and catch vision, so that they can be launched to make gospel impact wherever God calls them.

Now as we get ready for year 3, we are excited to have a new Chicago Cohort Lead, Deb Gorton, head up a new batch of leaders and influencers. We are partnering with many city churches, creating a Chicago board, and have also just completed our first ever God@Work Conference with speakers from Northwestern Kellogg Business school that had over 80+ people in attendance. We look forward to building off the momentum from the past two years and see our Chicago Cohort take new ground with Deb’s leadership and even as we start another global cohort in Nairobi. Ultimately, we know that the invest we make is small, but the impact we hope to see in 5-10 years will produce fruit beyond any of us can comprehend or imagine.

Noah Chung, Resource Global Staff