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Network News: Lessons Learned at ICON Conference 2016

At Resource Global, we’re growing a network of young professionals all around the world to cultivate their potential and impact their cities with the Gospel. With over 60% of our lives spent in the workplace, our work matters, and we’re committed to inspiring and equipping young professionals to see their work as a critical opportunity to serve God and impact others. In October 2016, we’re launching a City Cohort, an eight-month in-depth discipleship program, in Jakarta, Indonesia. To kick off the Cohort, we hosted a one-day Faith & Work Conference on June 11th in Jakarta. Over 100 young professionals were inspired and equipped to honor God through the workplace at the ICON Conference that day. One individual, Jonathan Barki, shared his key takeaways and applications below.


My Key Takeaways & Applications:

Contribution to God’s Kingdom:

I hope to contribute to God’s Kingdom, and believe that my multiplier impact is from what I do best. I am passionate about my work, and hope to leverage on my business resources and network to make a positive social impact. I am currently exploring opportunities in social impact investing with the support of our firm.

Work and Rest:

While I push myself to commit and perform to the highest level at work, I am learning to balance my personal life with rest, and time with God. It has been wonderful, as I have begun a new and evolving routine of prayer and absorbing the Word of God.

My Identity:

I am learning to separate myself from simply my achievement at work by:

  • Thanking God and reminding myself that everything was given and lent to me, not earned!

  • Accepting that any day God may once again take everything away from me

  • To build my home around Him, and not what’s around me

  • Reminding myself that I can only find my peace through Christ

Accountability Partners:

I am very blessed to have a wonderful group of brothers, who share the same faith, the same passion, and drive in life. We relate and support each other through our struggles, and also share with one another God’s glory and blessings. I'm praying the members of our group will continue to grow and develop as believers and workers for God.