Meet our Singapore City Director - Poh Yu Khing

By Yu Khing

Born and bred in Singapore, I’ve grown-up and lived here all my life. I love this country. Singapore is nothing short of an economic miracle, and God’s blessing has been on this nation.

Having worked for 19 years in government and private sectors, in 2017, I took 3 months off work to attend the School of Leadership programme at Tung Ling Bible School Singapore. This turned out to be a spiritual milestone and a life-changing event for me.  

During the course, I found myself asking God: “How do we win Singapore for Christ?”, and “What role do you want me to play?” Later in April 2018, I left my corporate job with these two prayers still on my heart, seeking God for what’s next. 

Today, 13 months after that faithful (actually fearful) step of leaving my job, God has confirmed and brought to fruition prophecies that I received over the last 2 years. He has opened the doors for me to be involved in an exciting portfolio of marketplace work – seemingly random, but fully integrated. A freelancer, but fully employed by God. 

The first area is marketplace consulting work – helping to bring Kingdom into the marketplace by working with small business owners on their vision, strategy and organisational development. On the flip side, I also seek to help bring the best of marketplace practices into Kingdom organisations, to help them do God’s work with a level of excellence and efficiency.

The second area is marketplace outreach. I’m the coordinator for the Alpha Everywhere campaign 2019 in Singapore - a nation-wide effort in the Year of Evangelism to provide more opportunities for non-Christians and new-Christians to learn about the Christian faith through Alpha. I also serve as the Workplace Coordinator for Alpha Singapore, helping to seed Alpha Workplace runs.


The third area is in marketplace education and mentoring. This year, I’ve started teaching an elective module at Tung Ling Bible School on Our Calling as Marketplace Christians. And recently, I started my appointment as Singapore City Director for Resource Global, which I am extremely excited about.

Work is such a dominant part of Singaporeans lives. People are our country’s only resource and we work long and hard. It’s our people who have made Singapore into a thriving city and first world nation. Singapore is a global player and regional hub for many spheres of economic and societal development. I truly believe that if we can bring Kingdom into the marketplace starting in Singapore, we can see God’s global mission of discipling nations being spread through the marketplace from Singapore to regional cities.

My personal mission now is to inspire & equip marketplace Christians to actively live out their spiritual calling as Disciples of Christ - bringing Kingdom into marketplace and community to impact lives, transform businesses, and bless society. The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few. There is much work to be done.


Poh Yu Khing is our Singapore City Director and he (along with our team) is hoping to launch a Resource Global cohort in Singapore in 2020.