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Then, they restore their cities with the Gospel. Five, ten, and twenty years from now, with the collective group of City Cohort graduates, we expect to see cities renewed, companies transformed, issues addressed, and the Gospel proclaimed in global cities around the world.

As we’ve only started our cohorts since 2017, we are eagerly waiting for God to use these leaders to make a gospel-impact in their cities. Here are some stories of individuals we’ve already seen God use to do some amazing things.


Restore Goal


Be committed long-term to restoring their global cities and be a part of the Resource Global Network for additional networking and training. 



In 2019 Brave is actually working with Hacktiv8, an Indonesian Initiative, to do their first Brave Camp in partnership through the relationship within the cohorts. More exciting news to come!

Emily Harburg and Jen Kamins work with Brave Initiative


Learn more about DoctorSHARE and the amazing work they are doing in Indonesia!

Learn more about KALM and the amazing work they are doing in Indonesia


See more stories of people restoring their city.