Our Vision

Resource Global seeks to mobilize a global movement of engaged next generation leaders who are having a transformative Gospel impact on their local communities and workplaces.

Our Story

In 2015, Resource Global spent a year with frequent visits to Indonesia with the goal of better understanding how to reach this country as it joined the global stage – in both the global economy and the global church. With over 60% of the population without Gospel witness, and an extreme wealth contrasted with devastating poverty, we set out to discover how God could already be moving in this high-stakes country.

What we found surprised us.
We found a small group of young, Christ-following men and women who were primed to be the next business, government and nonprofit leaders in their country. Many of them had left Indonesia to study in the United States and encountered Christ for the first time through local campus ministries and churches. They returned home eager to apply their new and growing faith to their spheres of influence, yet once they returned home, they were often under resourced spiritually and struggled to put their faith into action. In many cases, their faith was fizzling out, or failed to make the impact it was poised to make.

Yet for us, we saw God uncovering a great opportunity.
What if these individuals were discipled, trained, and equipped to continue boldly in their faith – for the good of their work and the good of their cities?

As Gospel truths were contextualized and applied to their unique opportunities, what difference would this make as they followed Jesus in their workplaces? In their cities? In the world?

So Resource Global began. 

Now, we seek out what God is preparing through young professionals in key cities around the world, and we appoint local teams to walk hand-in-hand with these young professionals to provide contextualized opportunities in training, networking and discipleship to pursue their work in a way that is faithful to Christ and effective for the good of their cities. We believe God is doing a new thing through believers in the workplace, and we believe that young, Christ-following professionals are playing a unique role in cultivating their cultures and economies for maximized Gospel impact.


“I know of no other organization, besides Resource Global, that is doing its exact ministry. Going to places, finding young people, and teachers, who want to bring together their collective wisdom to encourage one another in things of faith and work. Resource Global is a facilitator, a convener. It doesn’t have the answers, but it knows how to bring people together that do have the answers.”

Bob Doll, Senior Portfolio Manager / Chief Equity Strategist, Nuveen Asset Management