Where We Are


Cities We Partner with

As we start cohorts in global cities, each city we currently work with only happens because of the relationships and work already being done in each city. Our hope is to come alongside existing leaders and churches, so that we can invest in them and connect them to a larger network of Christian leaders across the globe. Here are the cities we are currently in.



Chicago has been the home to Resource Global since its beginning. As a global city on the rise with great diversity and development, there is still the underlying story of segregation and division in Chicago’s history. Now in our third cohort, our Chicago cohorts have had a great diversity of background, vocations, and passions.



Jakarta continues for unprecedented growth, as its wealth and influence in Southeast Asia and across the world are both underestimated and underutilized. Now in our third cohort, our cohort members have studied in Western universities and now hold influential positions in corporations and family businesses. Many of them, with their positions of influence, have the passion to seek Gospel-change in their workplaces, their churches, and their communities.



Though commonly known for its security issues and corruption, Nairobi is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. With multinational corporations coming in and its astounding natural resources, Nairobi is poised to be a leading global city. We are in our first year in Nairobi with a partnership with HESABIKA.