Our mission is a God-sized endeavor and we rely on your prayers each day.

We pray and lift up the Resource Global team, Cohort Participants, Volunteers and all who participate as we seek to restore cities through maximizing the impact of these young professionals. Here are some specific requests you can join us in pray for:


for Wisdom & Discernment

Pray for the planning and decision making as the team begins to build out the work in Lima, Nairobi, Shanghai, and Turkey. We need to take into account each city's cultural difference.


for Unity for our Team. 

Pray for unity, efficiency and the perseverance as we grow the organization and its impact.


for Cohort Participants

Pray for a depth of spiritual growth for Cohort participants as they are mobilized and equipped to apply their skills and giftings for the glory of God and the good of others.

Your marketplace skills are your ministry skills, and your unique talents play a vital role in driving this mission forward.

Our current volunteer needs are detailed below. If you would like to offer your experience towards Gospel restoration through young professionals in cities all around the world, please fill out the form below.

  • Online teacher – Jakarta Cohort
  • Bible teaching trainer
  • City Cohort speaker
  • Mentors for future Jakarta Cohorts
  • Mentors for future Chicago Cohorts
  • Content editors
  • Creative professionals

Request Information about becoming a volunteer

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