We're committed to resourcing and releasing the next generation of Christian leaders and professionals within an interconnected network for Gospel movements in major global cities.

An established City Network is present when a local board is in place and a City Cohort has been launched. Once the City Cohort has been launched, we are actively cultivating and developing young professionals to be equipped to develop the Resources for the Local Church and City-Specific Initiatives for the glory of God and the good of others. This means that young professionals in these cities are actively being discipled, cultivated, and mobilized for the maximized Gospel impact in their cities.


Chicago, USA


While this city is frequently making headlines for its violence, racial segregation and corruption, a different story is being told amongst the local church. Young professionals who came to grow their careers are coming to faith, and they are longing for a better future for the city they call home.


Jakarta, Indonesia

GET TO KNOW Jakarta, Indonesia

Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world. Its 17,000 islands stretch wider than the United States. With a country population that is 85% Muslim and 60% without Gospel witness, the task of proclaiming the good news of Christ is a God-sized one, particularly for the evangelical church there which constitutes only 2.8% of the population.


Nairobi, Kenya

Get to know Nairobi, Kenya

With its astounding natural resources and strong entrepreneurial growth, Nairobi is poised to be a leading global city and the most influential East African city in
the world. As a majority Christian nation, many young professionals are followers of Christ, yet are lacking the Biblical framework to actively apply their faith to their work.


Our mission is a God-sized endeavor, and we rely on your prayers each day. Stay up to speed on how you can lift up the Resource Global team, the Cohort Participants and the Volunteers as we seek to restore cities through maximizing the impact of these young professionals.


Your marketplace skills are your ministry skills, and your unique talents play a vital role in driving this mission forward. If you would like to offer your experience towards Gospel restoration through young professionals in cities all around the world, contact us today!


Celebrate stories of young influencers restored and released for Gospel restoration in cities around the world. It is your generosity that allows Resource Global to equip young professionals to impact their cities with the Gospel. We are so grateful for your partnership.